In March 2020 Planet Aware and Shaping Newport hosted a public meeting to discuss the idea of launching a new Repair Café on the Isle of Wight. The idea received a warm welcome and many people have come forward to help out.

Repair Café Isle of Wight had its first event at Quay Arts in Newport in July 2021 and managed an exciting number of repairs!

If you would like to be involved or to stay in touch with Repair Café Isle of Wight please fill out the form below to go onto our mailing list.

Repair Café Isle of Wight is set up with the aim of:
  • Keeping items out of landfill and in use for longer
  • Bringing people together from different communities, sharing skills and knowledge
  • Enabling people to build resilience and confidence and a greater connection with the things they own
  • Encouraging respect for our natural resources as well as the things that we use in a way that supports a circular economy instead of a take, make and throw one
  • Providing overarching support to communities that want to run their own repair cafes
Repair Café Isle of Wight has a culture of inclusivity and respect and we encourage everyone who supports its aims to be involved if they want to be.

Next dates: 25th September & 16th October
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